Flat Roofing Specialists Serving Glasgow

If the time has come to replace your existing flat roofing or you are planning an extension that will feature a flat roof, we at KTE Construction are the company to call upon. With over 25 years in the industry, we are vastly experienced when it comes to the installation of stylish, low maintenance and long-lasting flat roofs across the Glasgow area.

A great addition to any building, the materials used for flat roofs today are of the very highest standard, meaning you can enjoy a roof that is built to last and will require very little work on it in the years to come.

Our team have access to the very best equipment to achieve a quality finish, while the speed at which this type of roofing can be installed keeps disruption to an absolute minimum.

Flat roofing repair services

Alongside our installation service, we also offer flat roofing repairs and maintenance too. If you’ve encountered a leak or feel your roofing requires a once over to identify any problems before they arise, our team are on hand to meet your needs.

We use the latest techniques to repair flat roofing, without the need to fully replace and can spot the signs of potential problems before they arise, helping you to save money in the long run.

If you’d like any more information on our flat roofing services available across Glasgow and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today.

Interested in our services?

For more information about any of the roofing services we offer in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, get in touch with our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help.